imageI’ve walked across a big chunk of France this month without speaking their language. It has been difficult of course. In France, it seems English isn’t a commonly used 2nd language.  Just as French isn’t  easily found in say, Kentucky.  I hope I didn’t just offend all y’all back home with 2 years of high school French! Without question, the greater number of folks here have made a huge effort to help me with my deficit. It was much more than I expected.

What This really brings to mind is a broader aspect of “language”.  Without understanding,  interactions between people can be rather unsettling. The mind can create fear and misunderstanding. We have some timely examples of people whose culture isn’t understood, or whose faith isn’t heard. As I head into Paris  I am aware of language …  how important it is. With the climate issue we have the active language of our past, A language easily communicated. A language tied to 200 years of fossil fuel prosperity and the values it created.  There is another language. It may not be your native language but try to learn it, and teach another.imageimage

2 thoughts on “Language

  1. Henderson KY

    Language is so complicated, and many people are like me before I experienced living in a area with a different language. That is, they believe that translation is merely a matter of substituting one word for the equivalent word in the other language. But often there is no equivalent word. Perhaps, as I believe you suggest, it is equally hard for us to “hear” people on the other side of cultural or ethnic divisions, or habits of life.


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