Sleepless in Houdan

It was supposed to be an early day. A day when we could catch up on laundry & such. What happened? There’s a late breakfast, some photo breaks, a few tweaks of my route to avoid the traffic… No more early day.

We made Houdan at about 4pm.  The well worn Morrocon restaurant with rooms upstairs to rent was the choice spot in town… Because it was the only spot in town.  A young manager finishing kitchen clean up checked me in and made me aware of a code for the front door. After lengthy instruction I was ready to come and go from the building. Then he left. There was nobody in the building but me till Ed showed up. I had texted the code so he made it thru our security system.  We had no towels in the room. With nobody to call , we improvised. I made  a trip downstairs to the front desk and chose a key from all the empty rooms, then went back upstairs, entered another room and took their sets of towels… The place was mine.  It was hours before the hot water furnace started to creak, gurgle, and knock. This went on all night. I would have taken another key and moved rooms 10 times over if it would have helped but the whole building was howling all night long.  Every trip should have a sleepless night  in a Morrocon hotel.image

3 thoughts on “Sleepless in Houdan

  1. Joan Hoffman

    Perhaps every trip should have one sleepless night in a Morrocon Hotel, but surely no trip should have more than one. Hope today was a good walk and that you find an excellent restaurant and a restful place to sleep. Has the rally been called off for sure? I’ve been watching the news about the Summit…hopefully the world leaders will convene to talk about this important issue.

  2. Betty Norment

    Hope tonight is better! Remember as a kid, we would watch the signs outside motels hoping to see vacancy but often seeing the No lit up instead. My dad tended to push on as long as he could and we often ended up in a place like your last one. He also consoled us with the promise that Sarasota, or Silver Springs was down the road. So let me encourage you that Paris awaits and I hope a great hotel and calmer days there.


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