The final steps to Paris


A view from the front gate of Versailles toward Paris

The day was supposed to be rather short. There was talk of seeing the sites around Versailles. The truth is I walked from one end of the Versailles grounds to the other and then turned and walked half way around the front… Miles. I felt I had seen enough for one day. Better to save Louis’s Palace for another time. I followed the grand boulevard in front of the Palace and headed for Paris. Sidewalks were there all the rest of the way. My footsteps cut thru 11 miles of urban area before reaching  the edge of Paris.  There was one last ridge to climb and then a view of the city finally was given. When landmarks become visible, there’s no holding back. By 4pm I was resting in a Hotel near the Arc de Triomphe,  and the Avenue des Champs Elysees. The next morning the sun visited. Ed & I made our way back to the Arch for a final shot of the journey.

More on the city and summit to come.


Following signs…


Walking the Avenue Du President Kennedy


Crossing the Seine

4 thoughts on “The final steps to Paris

  1. David Cohron

    Glad you guys made it there safely. I have enjoyed reading your’s and Ed’s day to day adventures. Stay safe old buddy!

  2. Betty Norment

    Eleven miles sounds short when you say it! Congratulations on another of your goals! Take care of yourselves! The pictures are lovely! It’s a drizzling day after Thanksgiving here but looks like you had a beautiful day! Thankful to see the journey through your eyes!
    God speed!


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