The Road to Lisieux

Sunday was warm and sunny. The road followed a winding ridge thru old apple orchards, and small dairy farms. This region has always been known for its cider and cheese. I can now attest that both are wonderful.  Pat and Kate joined us today. They walked the 16 miles like they’ve done it before. Kate’s Google navigation was a huge improvement over mine, and even kept Ed on his toes. We’ve a rest day here in Lisieux, and hope to get some laundry done and keep our feet up
We thought of those of you at Zion UCC and your march Sunday for climate action. Bravo! Every single step counts.

The Road to Lisieux

The Road to Lisieux

Pat & Kate join in for 16 mile journey to Lisieux

Pat & Kate join in for 16 mile journey to Lisieux

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4 thoughts on “The Road to Lisieux

    1. Joan Hoffman

      Thinking of you, Steve, Pat, Kate and Ed…We had 28 people today at Zion UCC who walked with their handmade signs down Second Street, passing Wolf’s and Downtown Diner, through Audubon’s Mill Park (stopping at statue to remember that a John James was a “nature man” even though he shot his subjects!”). We lined up along the grass by Walgreens; when traffic stopped for light we chanted “What do you want? Climate Action! When do you want it? NOW!” Heading back to church we sang “We Shall Overcome.” You are right – every step counts. We’ll be waiting to hear more about your steps toward Paris. Will email some pictures. All the best, Joan

  1. Glenda Guess

    Steve, we thought of you and yours yesterday as we walked around the streets. I hope the children will remember that some of us in the older generation really cared about their future. It is for them that motivates all that we do.

    Our first thoughts were of you after we heard of the attacks on Paris. We prayed in church for your safety in gratitude for your courage and wisdom. We send our best to you.


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