A day off in Lisieux

It’s good to have a day off the road… It’s good to have time with Kate and Pat. A day off the road gets your laundry caught up. A day off gives you a bit of time for exploring a Cathedral and time to read up on your resting place. In Lisieux, it also provided a glimpse of France post  Paris attack.  The streets filled here at 6 pm for a march to honor the victims of the terror. There were more than a thousand in the streets of this small city. It happened all over France at the same time.  We were pleased to walk with them and support the victims of terror. Today there’s no shortage of victims.

1 thought on “A day off in Lisieux

  1. Joan Hoffman

    We cannot imagine what the people you see and talk to are feeling. I am glad to hear that Pat and Kate have returned and selfishly will be relieved when you and Ed are, too. Even so, there are so many of us who believe in what you are doing, feel inspired by your beliefs and actions and appreciate the beautiful pictures of the French countryside, cities and people. We send our prayers/wishes for a safe journey to Paris and then home.


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