Dozule, Normandy

Today’s walk passed tranquil farm houses with mounds of sugar beets resting on turned soil. Those who ran the shops providing me bread and water, or worked the farms my footsteps passed … These people of Normandy, reflected sadness, and if we communicated at all … despair arose.
My day began last night with a text from Kate; “I don’t want to wake you but I want you to know we are in our hotel room and safe from the craziness on the streets of Paris.”
Despite the sadness and despair that we bare, there is peace always to be found, and blessings never to take for granted.
Fourteen days to Paris!

Farmhouse on the road

Farmhouse on the road

Ed and Sugar Beets

Ed and Sugar Beets

2 thoughts on “Dozule, Normandy

  1. Joan Hoffman


    So proud of the steps you and Ed are taking in France on behalf of our Earth. Tomorrow we at Zion UCC will take steps in our downtown in support of your efforts.
    It was such a relief to hear that Kate and Pat were safe during the tragic events in Paris last night.
    Peace and justice are such sweet commodities. Wish more of the world had a taste for them.


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