Navigating the Concrete Jungle

I don’t know how many highways we have walked along, over, and across in this mega cityscape but their volume of concrete defies imagination, and the sound of traffic on day 4 began overwhelming my senses. We walked 18 miles today. There were two turns. One at the beginning of the day as we left camp, and the other as we reached our new one. It was a straight shot down a section of Route 66.

I know you must be wondering about how this march takes place … the nuts and bolts. It takes much more work than I could have imagined.  Each morning we tear down our tents, repack our belongings and take our things to the gear truck. We are now in the process of creating job schedules… truck loaders, getting meals made, clean up, communications, and daily logistics … its a very busy time right now and hardly a moment for blog entries.

photo (5)

photo (4)

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