Breaking Out of L.A. – Day 7

Today we finished Ninety miles from our coastal starting point In Wilmington. We’re taking a much needed day of rest at Redlands United Church of Christ, Redlands, California. They graciously provided space for us to pitch tents in their back yard. The kitchen and dining hall are also at our disposal. It is wonderful sanctuary after our last night in a Fontana parking lot with no running water available to us. We have had back to back days of more than 17 miles with late starts and meetings taking up so much of our extra time. Cars, highways, and smog are wearing me down as are the footsteps. A left knee has fatigued by mid afternoon making my last 3-4 miles of the day uncomfortable. My trustworthy knee brace from the Camino de Santiago has found a renewed purpose.

We are now seeing clear spaces in front of us with Mountains in the distance. Soon L.A. will be only memories. We met a lot of nice people along our way, . It hasn’t been easy for organizers of the march to cut through all the red tape to move marchers thru the city. Had it not been for small church congregations we never could have walked out of the city. I hope my next entry will come from open spaces!

photo (6)

3 thoughts on “Breaking Out of L.A. – Day 7

  1. Joan Hoffman

    Take care of that knee, Steve. Perhaps the knee takes your mind off the hip issue! Caroline just read your comments and said she someday wants to do a walk like this, too. Glad you have a good place to rest tonight. Hope tomorrow’s walk is good!


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