Into the Deluge…19 miles

Who would have imagined our march kickoff in L.A. would meet head on with a weather event of such magnitude.  As we walked north from Wilmington, we waded the streets of South L.A. in a driving rain.  Water covered the ankles at the intersections for most of the 200 plus blocks traversed our first day.  I should add it was a profoundly special day for we marchers and for many residents of Wilmington and South L.A.  The march didn’t come to hip Malibu and walk east through affluent sections of the city.  Instead, it went to the site where people of color, (the global majority) reside.  These folks are paying the greatest price now, and in the future as we fail to do anything meaningful to tackle climate change.  Their school children marched with us, and their families gathered in the early stages before the rain turned extreme.  It was worth the soaked body and swollen feet to be there that day and to know that climate change means something to folks in Wilmington and South L.A.  It’s not just an issue to be addressed on college campuses, and in affluent, educated sections of this city.  No, it’s an issue that is felt at the bottom as clearly as it is at the top.  If they sense hope through change, I think we all should.

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