A road made for footsteps

  1. On the way out of Bernay we passed a sign drawing our attention to a medieval gate that had served as the entry for the road from Paris.  Much has changed since then.  The road to Paris bypasses the little town entirely.  All that is left on this side of the stream we follow out of town is a narrow little road that follows a gentle valley.  On the other side of the stream is a railway with trains flying past every 20 minutes. They are fast and the engine’s electric, so the disturbance is slight and you return to a natural ambiance in short order.  The newest road (there are others) is on the other side of the ridge and we can’t hear or see it.  A day earlier we battled its high speed traffic for 12 miles. While it is legal to walk that size road it isn’t safe. I battled many such roads across America and still find it disheartening to see such a loss of humanity when drivers are behind a wheel. But today that isn’t a problem. I share the road with vehicles but the speed is not great and their are farm tractors and machinery moving along this lane. The road rolls over the land without disturbing its natural contour.  I couldn’t  help but wonder about the numbers of people who moved by foot on this lane over the centuries. Then I noticed a Camino marker. Pilgrims from the 11th century used this very rode to make their way to Santiago… Amazing, isn’t it?  The world is so small and so connected. You are meant to travel some roads whether you know it or not… A pilgrims walk is not done with me yet. It was a day to soak up natures gifts. Ed and his foraging for food along our way is beginning to rub off. I found my share of late blackberries and chewed on a chestnut or two.

    November blackberries


    The Paris gate in Bernay


    Always friendly!


    A winter cover of the rape seed plant


    Beast at the gate


    Lichen on a slate roof


    A road made for the foot

1 thought on “A road made for footsteps

  1. Joan Hoffman

    The Camino marker must have been great to see and be reminded just how small our world is…if it only were more compatible.

    May you keep finding plenty of blackberries and chestnuts!




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