Finish Line

I crossed the George Washington Bridge just as planned on the 20th of September, 2014. My children awaited on the NYC side. They walked beside me the 7 miles south to Columbus Circle and the connection of footsteps from my original march to the People’s Climate March was completed at 12 noon. Afterwards there was a “short” visit to McSorley’s in the East Village… my favorite time defying locale in New York City.

photo (64)

IMG_2720 photo (63) photo (73)

8 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. Cheryl Mathias

    Steve, congratulations on an epic journey and an even more epic accomplishment! The memories you have made are so special and the feeling of accomplishment must be astounding. Few people can look back on their lives knowing they committed to their convictions so thoroughly.

  2. Betty Norment

    Nice to see all of you together and celebrating such an accomplishment! I noticed the word “joy” stands out behind you on the base of the statue. What joy you must feel! To have made it safely, to have reached your goal and on time, to know without a doubt that you are a tuff ole feller, and to be with your dear ones to celebrate this moment! And the best news is that there is life after the march! This is not an end to anything unless you want it to be! And I have no doubt that you can do anything you want to, as long as you want to badly enough! Love and happy thoughts, Betty

  3. Rebekah

    Glad you made it. I also was in the Climate March in NYC last Sunday carrying a #Floodwallstreet banner a few blocks ahead of the Climate Marchers and yourself. You’ve got a wonderful looking family and should be feeling pretty great about being such a good example for them and others. Best to you, sorry not to meet you guys but I will keep you in mind as we all continue to push onward towards creating change and stopping this ecological disaster that is happening.

  4. Donald Wathen

    Congratulations! I never doubted for a minute you’d make it. Awesome, terrific, incredible, outstanding, inspiring, etc. What a journey! I am so glad for you. You are a warrior for good. I will feel very small in your presence, but very honored to be your friend!

  5. Erika Bond

    Congratulations, again! Now what? Will you be able to go many days without walking?? Surely it’s in your blood now!


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