When I feasted my eye on that Bridge it nearly paralyzed me. After more than 7 million steps I thought I would have some definitive answer to the “Why?” question. I don’t. I feel different today than 7 months ago. I’ve come to prefer the 3 mile per hour life. Perhaps I will find a way to continue this in the weeks, months, and years ahead. I dream of a world that functions to a greater extent by foot and less by engine. I walked from the heart. Sometimes I thought I might soar. Yeah, I felt as if the spirit would lift me right off the pavement. It is a wonderful feeling to forget as much as possible and make long, repetitive strides into the space in front of you .. a space that has no more meaning I can surmise than to move the spirit within.

Here on the edge of New Jersey I feel the fire within diminishing. A quest ends quietly. There will be no explosive, climactic moment. Reflection and memory waft in this space I fill.

On Sunday when I find myself in the Peoples Climate March, there will be no one who walked as many steps to get there. It will make it all the more special for me. Something big is about to transpire on the other side of that bridge. People from many paths are converging to push for Climate action. For the young this will be the movement of their lifetime. It desires to cut deeply into existing social and economic mechanisms and It’s likely to reinvigorate social justice issues within our faith communities. It is not a beginning. It is a maturing. It is a visible sign that the life I knew and accepted has had a negative impact. That life will be challenged and eventually changed. I’ll never be ready, but i’m in.


8 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. Donald Wathen

    Congratulations! I’m sure you are looking forward to the Big March in NYC, but your journey was heroic. I can’t help but wonder how I will find you when we meet in Henderson. I treasured the old Steve Martin, how will the new Steve Martin be? Will we still laugh at the same things? You are my friend, I hope, for life. What you have done is remarkable and significant. I honor and admire you. Well done old buddy!

  2. Mary Lee

    Congrats on reaching your goal, Steve! What an amazing feat! We have been listening to more news about the People’s Climate March on our local media – there’s a rally in our community tomorrow, and many others across Canada to join those in the US. We look forward to seeing what changes can come of this spirited outpouring of personal commitment and action.

  3. Betty Norment

    What a beautiful picture! Do you feel an urge to kiss the bridge, or the ground, or the first New Yorker you meet! Congratulations on this tremendous trip and ending it on a positive note. I’m sure this is a moment that you dreamed of and I know there were moments when you wondered if you’d be able to make it, but here you are, and I’m so happy for you! I hope the celebration goes well tomorrow and that you can allow folks to honor you for this accomplishment! Be their champion, they need one, and while that is not your nature, this makes a statement that needs to be heard. Come home to us soon! An evening at Hunan’s awaits!!!!

  4. Susie and Mike Thurman

    Hearty congratulations on every one of your 7,000,000+ steps. We have cheered you along the way and have always looked forward to your prose and pictures. Now we’re looking forward to seeing you back at home and getting more details of your journey. Kudos to you.

  5. Joan Hoffman

    Well done, Steve! This morning in the Whitmer-Hosbach SS Class we will celebrate your 7 M steps, your commitment to the cause and your determination to finish the course. Look forward to welcoming you HOME!

  6. Fred reaves

    Steve, congratulations on a great accomplishment. I,am extremely proud of your effort and a whole lot envious of the experience. We with weaker knees and perhaps resolve salute you sir. I know it’s not your nature to blow your own horn, but I hope someone does so that you get the recognition you so well deserve.

  7. Elizabeth Bartlett

    Oh, Steve! You amaze me, and I am so proud to know you. Please know you have been in my thoughts throughout this journey. What a wonderful example of engagement and activism and passion! We’ve missed you, Steve. We are ready for you to come home.


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