I crossed into the Hoosier state Monday afternoon, August 4th. There is no river or natural demarcation. It looks the same on one side as the other…flat and covered with beans and corn. An errant automobile had wiped out the border signage so I waited till Kentland to get a photo for the crossing. Kentland is at the crossroads of highway 24 and 41. Highway 41 was a major north/south corridor in its day. Before the interstate system it was the primary route from Chicago to Miami, and of course it happens to go right through my home town. That wasn’t lost on me yesterday as I crossed it. Especially since it also meant it was time for my visitor and sole support personnel to head home … just 4 hours away. Sigh, Pat is tending to yard work, mail, and a spent water heater while I trudge on. I am further east in Remington tonight … hoping the miles go quickly for awhile.

photo (49) photo (48) photo (47)

3 thoughts on “Indiana

  1. David Cohron

    Indiana!! So close yet so far. We discuss you and your adventures every SS class. In our thoughts and prayers constantly.
    You have a great support person my friend.

  2. Tom & Libby

    Hello Steve, good to know you are closer to home than in a while. You truly do have great support from family and friends. We were very happy to have Pat share birthday cake with us Saturday evening. These days she seems like a sister to me! Following your blogs makes us feel a part of your adventure! Take care, Libby and Tom


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