The Route to New York City

Guest blogger: Will Martin

A few people have asked about the route Steve will follow to NYC.  The daily route is always subject to change given the condition of a road or the need to find a place to stay, but the route below provides a basic outline of the last leg of the journey.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions about parts of the route.  We’re always open to new ideas.  Also, if you happen to know anyone with a guest bedroom along the way, please let us know!


Illinois and Indiana:  Steve will follow Hwy 24 almost the entire way to Ohio, passing only through small towns along the way.

Ohio:  There are a few options here, but Steve will most likely stick to Hwy 24/224 or switch to Hwy 30.  Depending on the route, he could end up passing through Wooster, Akron, and/or Youngstown.

Pennsylvania:  This is the longest state remaining on the route.  PA has hundreds of small, state and county roads.  This can be a blessing and a curse when planning a route.  He’ll stick close to the I-80 corridor through most of the state, probably spending a lot of time on 322, but there’s countless options along the way.

New Jersey: Steve will probably only be in New Jersey for a few days, which is for the best.  Nothing against the Garden State, but traffic will certainly be an issue here.  The rough plan is to stick to Hwy 46 most of the way into New York City.

New York:  Steve’s final mile will be crossing from Fort Lee, NJ to upper Manhattan on the George Washington Bridge.

3 thoughts on “The Route to New York City

  1. Betty Norment

    Thanks, Will, I had been wondering about that! He’s amazing, isn’t he? The book comes next…of course he’s already written it!

    Love to you! Betty

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Joan Hoffman

    Will, thanks for posting your Dad’s route. This will make it easier to picture where your Dad is.

    Steve, hope you will find friendly folks along your way…know you enjoyed the Latham’s catching up with you. All the best to you and Pat from SS Class!



    Steve, we’ve enjoyed keeping up with you via your blogs. Hard to believe you are so close to your goal. Take care, Libby & Tom


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