Eldon, IA

Every hour of the day seems precious as I try to make my way across the country to NYC by September 21. I have a visitor and support this week so I took time off my highway 34 route for a lunch break and was driven 5 miles south to the hamlet of Eldon. This is the location of Grant Wood’s backdrop for the painting ‘American Gothic’. It is said that next to the Mona Lisa it is the most recognized painting in the world … An american Icon for sure. Pat & I fit into this photo parody nicely … don’t you think? It was good to have the hour or two off the road in Iowa.

Heavenly simplicity … Thank you Mr. Wood!

photo 1 (5)

5 thoughts on “Eldon, IA

  1. Betty Norment

    No wonder I couldn’t get anyone at the studio! I keep missing Pat! You all look great in that pose ! Looks like a great Christmas card to me…as well as several dozen others that you’ve posted! Enjoy yourselves and warm thoughts coming your way!


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