Goals, Failings, and Grace

-July 15th-

I set a goal for myself to walk across this continent. On numerous occasions something has come along that might have rendered this goal impossible. To those moments my spirit has said; not yet. Goals sometimes rest precariously along our path, and seem only to have merit if they carry a risk of failure. I don’t care much for my failings. In fact, fear of failing has stopped cold many a footstep of mine. Here I am regulated to the action of putting one foot in front of the other. That’s the business of doing, and as mere mortal it is grounded. (I sure wish I could fly) Something within pushes this discourse between foot and road. On a good day 8,9, maybe 10 hours can disappear into the simple rhythm of my pace. Time melts away. As many know I tweaked my goal demanding that my action carry me to New York City by September 21st. I may fail. I have walked for 3 weeks in this attempt and milage indicates that while walking more than the daily distance required to meet my goal … I am falling behind. How does that happen? Roads don’t carry us right where we need to go. They move us continually a little out of our way for a need previously unseen. Here again footsteps are a metaphor for the challenges impacting the lives we live. Things carry us away from our goals … Or, as Forest didn’t say … “Shit happens”.

The final word is Grace. Grace is everything. It is all the reason one needs to forget fear and live fully. Whether I succeed or not, Grace has been a critical part of every step. So, if I fail remember this; There have been so many gifts and revelations freely given along this journey that what ever may come … I will graciously accept. Way too much awaits the rest of this journey.

The sole of my last victim

The sole of my last victim

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