Cottonwoods line the highway and hay comes right up to the road. The land is green. Water is running in the small Republican River. My first town to enter is Haigler. It is a farming community built when rail lines were established in the 1880’s. After the depression growth stopped, and with the onslaught of modern agricultural practice it lost 30 percent of its population from the 1970 census to the current one. Its current population is about 200. I can’t see why anyone would choose to move to Haigler, but I also can’t imagine anyone who grew up there ever wanting to leave it. These folks are friendly. They take friendly to a whole new level. I pitched my tent in a small park in the middle of town. In Nebraska small towns have their park space available for camping. After a difficult night trying to sleep thru a thunderstorm and plenty of lightening, I walked back to the cafe for breakfast. Half the town was there before Barb officially opened and they peppered me with questions about sleeping in the thunderstorm and compared personal stories on walking long distances to bring in the cattle or sheep with my efforts. Breakfast was on the house and someone bought my dinner the night before. I had walked into quintessential americana… practical, generous, hardworking, and growing old. How does the issue of Climate Change resonate here? I brought it up to the owner of the cafe. The cafe’s in these small hamlets are its heart and soul. As a farm community its understood that somethings up. The weather has thrown some curve balls these past 8-10 years, but a response to climate change with some type of action is still far off to them. They are listening now and that is a good thing.

Graffiti on railroad bridge across the Republican River

Graffiti on railroad bridge across the Republican River

Haigler Nebraska A small farm town of 200 folks

Haigler Nebraska A small farm town of 200 folks

A seasonal riverbed outside Haigler Nebraska

A seasonal riverbed outside Haigler Nebraska

1 thought on “Nebraska!

  1. David Cohron

    You found the Norman Rockwell America, a Mayberry.
    So good to hear about such friendly, kind people these days. It is quite refreshing. Take care of your self. Pat was in SS class today and got us up to speed. Prayers and thoughts your way my friend!


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