High Five the Iron Bull

photo (1)

I first noticed someone attempting to communicate to oncoming traffic back in the Mojave Desert. I had those blisters that put me on crutches, and Jimmy Betts walked in front of me to assist one day. As he walked he would reach his right hand toward the white line and wave his hand with a peace symbol. The presumption is that if you reach the hand out the Iron Bulls will not ride the line. When they see something move and in their direction it creates awareness. Thats kinda important since they have the force to obliterate your existence in an instant. Jimmy’s technique was good but I thought the peace sign might backfire someday with a rabid right winger … I kept looking. Then I began walking regularly with Ed Fallon, His gesture looked almost as if he were blessing the oncoming vehicles. His two longer fingers reached skyward and i could almost hear a “bless you my son” with irish accent. Needless to say, I thought that gesture had problems too, so I developed my own. I call it the High Five. I put my hand out toward the line and spread the fingers… like Mickey Mouse without a glove. What kinda bull would mess with Micky? I keep waving. My hand has gone up and shook in the direction of the iron bulls thousands of times by now. I like to think it helps.

photo (3)

4 thoughts on “High Five the Iron Bull

    1. 7millionsteps Post author

      I love the small towns David. They allow camping in the small city parks and that will be my first choice here in Nebraska. Threatening weather is keeping me in small motels more than I should. I am 3 days in front of main marcher group but that will lengthen.

  1. Betty Norment

    Keep on waving, Buddy! Hope no one crowds you!

    Thinking of you in this blistering weather, and hope you are feeling good!

  2. Fred Reaves

    Steve, I have been following you for quite awhile. This is quite a Project you’ve created for yourself. Knowing you I see a fantastic book coming out of this experience especially with what you have written and the supporting photos. The truck shots are great! With my lousy knee I may have gotten to the LA city limits. . . Maybe.

    All I can say is I’m proud of you brother.


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