Big Change

There was an ocean, and then there was desert and more desert, and then mountains–Colossal mountains. Now what lies before me shakes the soul. The earth has gone flat and any sign of the Rockies dropped from view days ago. I push my cart, and although I am sure my feet are moving, it just doesn’t seem that I am going anywhere. Sometimes I see the next towns grain elevator from the town I am leaving. Looking 10 miles in front of you is normal. I have no short term accomplishments to help pass the day. The mind is the big concern. How does one deal with this stuck-in-motion feel? Where do I camp? Someone will see my tent for miles. For now small towns have a motel and I see a few parks in my path, but it will get even more barren as my journey proceeds… before it makes another change. The high plain is heavy on the soul with more reason to look skyward than anyplace I’ve been. There is beauty in emptiness but it takes time to master any understanding of this new aesthetic.

photo 3 (1) photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)

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