San Luis Colorado

Long walk today … 19 miles. I was tired walking into town but these days I recover my stamina after a little rest. I soon took to my feet to see my way around this “oldest town in Colorado”. I started on Main Street with a Popsicle at the local grocery. At the suggestion of the clerk I was directed 8 blocks to the northeast for a restaurant/convenience store run by Sonia. She cooked me a wonderful cheeseburger and the locals wanted to hear all about my walk and share their thoughts on climate change. It was great community time for me. Sonia heard we were leaving at 7am so she said she would open an hour earlier than usual with 2 pots of coffee and plenty of breakfast burritos ready for sleepy marchers. It sounds like some piece of heaven will greet me in the morning. Then it was back to a main street cafe for marcher musicians to play some music on the front porch. A sculptor was in attendance and he spoke of his work on a large hill that rises above the town. That led to my last adventure of the day … a sunset walk up the hill to see his bronze stations of the cross. The sunset and his work was quite a finish to a great first day in Colorado.

Stations of the cross San Luis Colorado

Stations of the cross San Luis Colorado


Sunset over San Luis

Sunset over San Luis

photo1 photo

1 thought on “San Luis Colorado

  1. David Cohron

    A great day all around with The EPA announcement of new regulations, a goal of 30% reduction in CO2 levels. See the March is working! Prayers and thoughts continue for you and your comrades.


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