Up, up, up…And Up Some More!

With a continuation of the high road to Taos these past 5 days, there’s been plenty of climbing. When I reach a “hill” I just want to dig in with my walking poles and get it over with. The problem in these parts is I might be at 7500 to 8000 ft. when that hill starts. The oxygen available at those altitudes is kinda thin for a flat lander like me. I like to get them over with, so I continue to climb aggressively. The downhill sections cause brief anxiety for a distance walker in the mountains … you just hate giving back hard fought ground. There’s been lots of gains and losses. You need to keep a healthy perspective. I haven’t mentioned how beautiful it’s been. The peaks are snow covered and the skies so blue. When I reached the top of the pass into Taos a rain front moved in. Clouds married with the peaks and moved in and out of forested mountains like they knew each other. I was too mesmerized by the beauty to take a photograph … Well maybe one.

8400 feet on high road!

8400 feet on high road!

photo (35)

Locals in Truchas N.m. Invite us to breakfast as we walk past their home

Locals in Truchas N.m. Invite us to breakfast as we walk past their home

Along high road to Taos

Along high road to Taos

High road to Taos near Chimayo

High road to Taos near Chimayo

1 thought on “Up, up, up…And Up Some More!

  1. Betty Norment

    Well, Steve, I’m not sure if you are living the dream or dreaming to live but you look great and are writing beautifully about this trip you are making. You obviously are seeing beautiful country and are becoming one with nature and feeling your faith stronger than ever before I expect.

    I’m glad you do have the chance to regroup and recharge at a motel every few days…and I hope those are all warm and welcoming to you. I think of those beds upstairs and wish you and your friends could lay yourselves down and rest. The offer stands if the path goes through town.

    I don’t know anything to tell you by way of news. Anything sounds puny and so mundane in light of your journey, and the truth is that you aren’t missing anything anyway. My phone has been out for three weeks and I haven’t missed it a bit. No machine I’ve spoken to seems to want to come fix it so we may just take it out.

    I’ve been by the studio a couple of times but couldn’t find Pat there. I wish I had her cell so I could catch up with her, but I’m assuming she’s out and about and maybe meeting up with you some.

    Good luck, God bless and let me know if I can do anything for you that does not require me to put on walking shoes. Your way over my head there. Love, Betty and in truth all the Norments, Bartletts and Eberharts


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