To put it simply … I’m whipped. Yesterday I completed a 25 mile walk with heavy winds blowing all day long. The winds continue today and are much, much stronger. Our meager campsite was offered at the last minute after yet another ranch decided against allowing us camping privileges as was previously agreed. We are so happy someone had the compassion to allow us to camp. The closest civilization is a saloon situated at the edge of a nearby zuni reservation. It is 4 miles walk.

I am trying to lay in my tent and get some rest. It is quiet in camp if you ignore the howling winds and snapping sounds of nylon tents being pressed past the limits. Most fellow marchers are walking. Many were unable to finish the 25 mile day, They went back to restart where they had been picked up by the blister wagon yesterday. I am huddled in my tent which is partially collapsed around me. It isn’t likely to do me much good in a few hours when the 70% chance of rains are forecast. It does keep me out of the 40 plus mile per hour gusts which at this instant seems wondrous. All my stuff is pulled up in a pile to give me a little headroom from the raging nylon tent walls that keep beating against my head as the winds roll. I cant put my tent all the way up. If I do the stakes will pull right out of the soft sand and this whole thing will blow apart with me inside. I guess you need to be here to fully grasp the situation, but would you really want to put yourself in these circumstances for simple clarification? I doubt it.

To continue, I can spit up something resembling a mudpie at a moments notice. You see, the zipper has broken on the tent and the howling winds bring loads of fine sand and dirt into this waving pile of a nylon. Dust is everywhere…including my mouth. I am wrapping the iPad up in a baggie soon. Rain will turn the dust to mud and I will forget about telling a story and think only of surviving the rest of this day and coming night. This is a low point. It will give my legs and hips added incentive to do what needs to be done in the morning … get the hell out of here.

Campsite near Concho

Campsite near Concho

My sacred stone

My sacred stone

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1 thought on “Wind-Whipped

  1. Edee Bauer

    Hope you are OK. Looking forward to seeing/meeting you in ABQ area. Lathams are friends and called yesterday. I’ll keep watching where you all are.


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