The Mojave and California Behind Us

One desert and the state of California have been crossed. Some real challenges faced these last days. Mojave blacktop made my feet vulnerable to blister. It also seems I have a new shoe size … 14. Without the help of fellow marchers I guess I would have failed my spirit walk across the country. They found a set of crutches and constructed an orthopedic out of layers of mole skin shielding a very large and ugly blister. They invested so much love and time. It was overwhelming. So, Here I am. Seven miles from Parker Arizona. Still going every step with only my feet to power me. In the morning I will cross the Colorado and find myself with a much needed recovery day and a motel room with hot shower. I will be using crutches as I have for the previous three days. (33 miles) I want to keep as much weight off the blister as it continues to mend. I have survived the threat and should heal. My shoe was a poor selection, and my foot swelled with the desert heat. Daughter Kate made a special trip to our desert campsite to deliver a new pair of shoes and encouragement. Under tonights brilliant desert starlight I know the
blessings of love in yet another way.

Click here to see an image of the crippling blister (warning: not for the faint of heart).

photo (23)photo (22)photo (27) photo (25) photo (24)

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