Day 13 – Full Moon Over the Mojave

We have walked ourselves into the desert. The nearest town is 15 miles behind me. In front of us is 100 miles of desert without any services. It is an awesome place to walk. With every footstep I felt the heat of the blacktop. The traffic is growing thin and the desert is filling my senses. I walked with long strides that seemed to leave me standing still in the immense scale of the desert landscape. I finally lost site of Big Bear Mountain. We have had it in our view since Los Angeles and now the old friend is gone. We have 9 days of walking in the desert without interruption. Tonight a full moon is shining down on us. There was a meeting to discuss route and work details for tomorrow, but the moon had everyone vexed, and it was agreed that we have too many meetings and need more time to play music, sing, read, and write in our journals. The meeting has ended, but music drifts thru the rapidly chilling desert air. It won’t last long. The tents will fill and folks will get some rest for another hot day in the Mojave.

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5 thoughts on “Day 13 – Full Moon Over the Mojave

  1. Dick Terrell

    Steve, keep on truckin! Hope your knee starts feeling better. we loved Joshua Tree several years ago when we visited. we had a solid week of sunny skies in January, 5 days where we never saw a cloud the whole day! We’ll keep you and your fellow marchers in our prayers!
    I’m in Lewes DE for St Pattys weekend; expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow between now (11 pm) and noon tomorrow!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil sis!

    1. 7millionsteps

      Hi Dick! Thinking of you and MaryBeth this week. Blisters led to crutches today. Ten miles on crutches is new experience for me. Looks like two more days with crutches before foot is sufficiently healed. California will come to an end in 4 days. Ahead is Sonoran desert of Arizona.

  2. Joan Hoffman

    Steve, plenty of admiration for your choice of crutches instead of bus, but always knew you have true grit. All my best to you and fellow travelers. Joan


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