I’m a Christian.  I am driven by my faith to be concerned with climate change. The mainline church denomination of which I am a part recognized the role of mankind in changing global climate conditions.  It did so ten years ago.  But although it has been recognized by written resolution, it has been very slow for we followers to embrace in our lives. I suppose all sin is hard for a sinner to accept and thus we choose to read and use the Word as it suits us. I am certainly guilty of this. We all may be.

To begin,  I would turn to the Sanctus, one of the oldest pieces of Christian Liturgy.

“Holy Holy Holy Lord God of power & might, Heaven and Earth are full of thy glory.”

Heaven and Earth is an important message for us.  The world in which we live is full of his Glory and perfect beyond my imagination. To obliterate the mechanisms that make it work as designed, are acts, in a matter of speaking, against God.         

This past year I took part in a Pilgrimage.  I walked The Camino de Santiago or simply, The Way.  I found that each footstep I took moved me along in a manner in which I felt connected to God and to other pilgrims past and present who had walked those same footsteps. We all know what it means to feel connected.  The Great March for Climate Action is another attempt for me to be “connected”.  For 7 million if I can! There are many steps for us all to take if we are to make meaningful sacrifice for this Earth, “God’s Glory.”

2 thoughts on “Glory

  1. Joan Hoffman

    Steve, you are making great progress in distance covered and in awareness. Keep up your extraordinary work! Joan

  2. Elizabeth Lett

    Hey Steve! Thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Will anxiously await each one. What a mission this is for all of you! Please tell me or Pat what goodies you want when she meets you along the way in a few weeks. Take care of yourself as best you can and keep on truckin’. Libby


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